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Another great build with the help and direction of Hedrick Speedsports and American Expedition Vehicles / AEV. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be installing an AEV Brute Kit on a 2002 Jeep Wrangler X. Currently the Jeep is Chili Pepper Red, 4.0 six cylinder, 5 speed, factory CD player and tan interior. Our plan as of the start of the build is to leave the color the same and match the new parts. We will also be installing AEV's Highline Kit with higher front fenders and matching Highline hood, a 2" lift kit and 35" tires. The exact style of wheels and tires will be determined as we go as well as the front and rear bumpers.

This build will be for sale and could be yours! Be the first in this area to own your very own Brute! If you are interested in purchasing the Jeep once completed, just contact the shop. If you do it soon enough, we can even customize it with the parts you want!





2002 "Brute" Teardown. We started by removing everthing behind the front seats including the front seats and console. Here is the backside with everything removed. Now to cut the factory rollbar then the tub! We also removed the front fenders and hood for body measurements and for the Highline Kit that we will be installing later!
Drilling out the factory welds to remove the back section of the Wrangler. Had to cut off the rear bars going to the fenderwells. Cleaning up and smoothing it out. Measurements are crucial!
Cutting the back off the Wrangler! Back half off, now to finish the sides. Spare parts anyone?
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Day 1 went well with removing the back half of the Wrangler. There were a lot more welds to cut out than expected. Learned a few new tricks for our next one. Day 2 Frame cutting!!



Pulling the Body off is the easiest way to access the areas of the frame that need to be cut. Now to remove the body mounts, fuel tank, exhaust, driveshaft and all the lines going to the back. The provided "JIGS" provided really make it a lot easier to line everything up before you cut.
Drilling out all the alignment holes from the jig. Then marking all the cut lines. Frame cut, now to clean up the ends, weld in the connectors and put it all back together. Frame extensions going in.
The extension JIGS are in place. Need to weld the frame sections in and get a new driveshaft!!    




















Day 2 was busy. Lot of cutting and grinding, measuring and welding. Next is adding the rear frame extension with built in winch mount and class 3 hitch.


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Lot of welding today! Frame extensions done. Wheelbase just over 116" Need to modify the rear cross member to attach the rear addition.
Fishplates installed to align before welding. Fishplates removed and welding completed. Now to weld the plates back on and finish it up!  







The day went well. Got the tub prepped and the closeout installed, at least test fitted for the body shop. Here is a teaser! Had to put it all together then take it all apart again. Still needs the lift, Highline Kit and Hood and paint. The wheels and tires are just sitting next to it. It will be getting an Old Man Emu 2" Lift, BFG KM2's and AEV's Pintler Wheels.

























Got all the Highline Kit less the flares test fitted today. Everything went great! The battery tray and ABS tray brackets get modified and new brackets are installed to clear the higher inner fenders. The fenders include the inners completely drilled and tapped for all the factory brackets. Looks really cool!!











Now that all the new parts have been installed and the test fitting and modifications have been made, it call all be torn back down and everything sent to the body shop. The decision has been made to keep it the factory color. While the body is out, we still have to install the OLD Man Emu 2" lift, wash and clean the frame and paint everything. We should have the AEV Pintler wheels and BFG KM2's before the body gets back so we will have those installed also. Stop by the shop and take a look at this project! It can still be yours!!!
Brute Frame done with Old Man Emu 2" lift, AEV Pintler 17x8.5" Wheels and BFG KM2 35x12.50x17's. Cleaned and painted! The rear mounted Warn Winch. Mounts upside down and the farelead come out through the rear bumper. Just need to determine the location of the control box or run a wireless remote.
The rear frame mounted corner guards will provide excellent protection to the lower corners of our new bed!  
























The new Jeep branded front bumper and Warn Winch! Coming together nicely!
Almost done! Another 2 days to button everything up but have to wait on the new driveshaft and some small things! Interior turned out great with the extreme lined floors.